The B&G Series Plugin for XProtect allows:

  • Remote control of supported Alarm Panels from the BG Series using a simple an intuitive interface.
  • Visualizing all alarms inside the Smart Client.
  • Using the events triggered by the Alarm Panel inside Milestone's rule system.
  • Automating commands (Arm, Disarm, Bypass, etc...) using Milestone's rule system.
  • Creating user roles with different permissions for easy management.
  • Using User-defined Events for better user experience customization.
  • Uses the legacy Mode2 Protocol which currently still allows more features than the API.

Stable SSL Connection to the B&G Series Panels

Contrary to the old integration, this new integration is stable and does not require periodic restarts of the Event Server.
We subscribe to the state changes and events on ALL areas and alarm point to allow full bi-direction communications.

Supported Languages

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Smart Client Commands
Status Details
Points Icon Set
Management Client Configuration
Alarms Configuration
Events and Rules
User Defined Events
Command Automation

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